Sofia Coppola Net Worth And How Much She Made From Her Movies

If there was really anyone that fits the bill of Hollywood royalty, then Sofia Coppola wouldn’t be too far off the mark. She is and . Talia Shire is her aunt and she got her first taste of the big screen as a child playing infant Michael Francis Rizzi in The Godfather which was directed by her father, the iconic filmmaker – Francis Ford Coppola. Given her extensive exposure to the limelight and involvement in showbiz, Sofia Coppola’s Net Worth was always going to be a topic of interest. As a screenwriter, actress, director, and producer, Sofia, has over the years, been a part of various commercially successful projects that have sure had a positive impact on her earnings.

How Much Did Sofia Coppola Make From Her Movies

Much of Sofia Coppola’s foray into the movies has been behind the scenes. Though she started out quite early as an actress, she has chosen to pursue a career as a director and producer. Her first shot at directing came on the short film Lick the Star which was released in 1998 and showed on the Independent Film Channel. Next up was her first feature film The Virgin Suicides the following year. It starred and among a host of others. It was received well by critics and even went on to premiere in North America at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.

Her second feature film was Lost In Translation, a film she wrote and directed. The success of the film brought Sophia’s artistic talents to the fore. She cast veteran alongside , , and The film made $119 million at the global box office and also won her an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and three Golden Globe Awards.

Sofia Coppola’s next movie was 2006’s Marie Antoinette – a biography of the French queen during the French revolution. Though less commercially successful (it only made $60 million at the box office), it was met with favorable reviews. The film was nominated in Best Costume Design category at the 79th Academy Award, which it won.

Her next movie was shot in 2010; titled Somewhere, it was received relatively favorable reviews but performed poorly at the box office with just above $13.9 million generated. It went on to win the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival. In 2013, Sophie wrote, produced and directed The Bling Ring, a true-life story about several teenagers who broke into homes belonging to celebrities. It featured popular faces such as , Katie Chang, , Israel Broussard, Claire Julien, and .

Her next production was the musical comedy A Very Murray Christmas, which saw her reunite with Bill Murray once again. It was released on Netflix in December 2015. In 2017 Sophia assembled a cast that included , Elle Fanning, and Kirsten Dunst for the movie – The Beguiled. It is a story set during the civil war about an injured soldier who is sheltered by young girls at a Southern girls’ boarding school. She won the Best Director award at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Due to the inherent gender bias in Hollywood, Sophia, an ardent proponent of gender equality, has most times opted to make independent films thereby staying away from the industry’s regular studios. Her father’s production company, Zoetrope, has backed all her feature films to date. That comes with its pros and con; Sofia gets the free hand to express her creative craft and tell her stories her own way, on the flip side she might not have the humongous budget to bankroll a blockbuster. However you look at it, she has had more than decent returns from her projects.

Sofia Coppola’s Net Worth – How Rich Is She?

The Coppola family is one of the most established families in Hollywood and for over 50 years, they have left their mark on the industry. Sofia’s father was the creative mind behind classics such as The Godfather, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, and Dracula most of which Sophie starred in as a child. Since moving on from acting, Sofia’s interests have included directing and fashion. She also is the co-founder of the clothing brand Milk Fed. In 2001, Sofia Coppola was announced as the face of Marc Jacobs, a deal which surely added to her net worth. Sofia Coppola’s Net Worth is put at an estimated $30 million.

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