Susie Dent – Biography, Husband (Paul Atkins) and Other Interesting Facts

Susie Dent – Biography, Husband (Paul Atkins) and Other Interesting Facts

Susie Dent is a famous English etymologist, lexicographer, and TV Personality. Growing up, she had a love for proper use of language which made her develop an obsession for reading books on vocabulary. It was an obsession that ultimately made her decide to make a career out of it. She rose to prominence as a result of her involvement in the 1992 Channels 4 TV show, Countdowns Dictionary Corner. Since then, she has been on the constant rise with her featuring in several other TV and game shows.

Susie Dent Biography

She was born on the 10th of November 1968 in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom. She is of British nationality and white ethnicity. Growing up, she was raised by her parents but there is no information about them simply because of her desire for privacy. As a kid, she was often tagged as being boring by friends because of her love for reading vocabulary books. She had her high school education at a Roman Catholic school named Marist Convent in Ascot. Upon graduation from high school, she worked for a brief moment as a waitress before she attended Somerville College, Oxford, where she bagged a B.A in Modern Language. After she graduated from college, she attended Princeton University where she bagged a Master’s degree in German.

After graduating from the University, she worked for a German Publishing house and then as a language teacher in the USA before she got a job at the Oxford University Press. In 1992, she got a job as a lexicographer on the TV show, Countdowns Dictionary Corner with her charged with the responsibility of giving a summary on the origin of a particular word in each episode. At first, she was really scared of the probability of being judged and dismissed by her audience but to her surprise, that never happened. She is currently the longest-serving member and lead lexicographer of the show, having been on the show for 26 years and about 2500 episodes.

In 2012, she was placed as a co-presenter on the Panel Game comedy show 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown alongside Rachel Wiley, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson, Joe Wilkinson, and lead presenter Jimmy Carr. Half a decade later, she kick-started her own web series with the Channels 4 network which she called Susie Dents Guide to Swearing. She basically discusses the etymological meaning of several swear words on the show. Meanwhile, 2018 saw her make a couple of appearances on other TV shows such as Would I Lie to You and House of Games, to name but a few.

Her Husband – Paul Atkins

Susie Dent is currently married to Paul Atkins, a popular businessman, and CEO of Patomak Global Partners LLC. He is also a director and chairman of the board of BATS Global Markets, INC. Paul holds a degree in business which he bagged from the Wofford College in 1980. During his college days, he was known to be a dedicated member of the Kappa Alpha Order. In 2016, he became a member of a strategic business policy forum set up by President Donald Trump.

Susie Dent – Biography, Husband (Paul Atkins) and Other Interesting Facts
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He however became more recognized as a result of his marriage to Susie Dent. However, the exact date of their wedding isn’t known to the media as it was more of a private wedding ceremony. There is no information whatsoever on how they got to meet each other, they’ve kept their personal life out of the media.

The couple has two kids together by the name of Thea Atkins and Lucy Atkins. Despite their busy schedules, they are known to spend enough time with their kids

Interesting Facts about Susie

1. Recently, Susie revealed that she has an elder sister named Nicky Dent. According to her, she was quite envious of her sister while growing up because she was much prettier than her. Nicky has been very supportive of her career, but deep down, Susie wished she was more like Nicki than herself.

2. She has an estimated net worth of $7 million, the bulk of which she earned through several years of appearing on hit TV shows. It is also said that she earns an annual income of $440,000.

3. In 2016, she revealed in an interview that she is a Vegetarian. The little revelation got fans talking on social media with some die-hards choosing to follow her footsteps into living a vegan life.

4. She is the author of several books in the field of language reporting. Some of her books include The Language Report (2003), Larpers and Shroomers (2004), and The Language Report: English on The Move 2000-2007 which was published in 2007.

5. In 2016, she was made the honorary vice president of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SFEP) for her excellent works in the field of publishing and Language reporting.

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