The Curious Case of Edward Mordrake, “The Man With Two Faces”

The Curious Case of Edward Mordrake, “The Man With Two Faces”

A very intriguing story to have gained popularity in recent times is that of the 19th-century English nobleman, Edward Mordrake who was born with a rare condition that resulted in him having two faces. This case tormented the young man so much that he wanted doctors to remove the face which he allegedly referred to as ‘devil twin’. For reasons which are yet to be specified, the doctors, as at then, never removed the second face. Well, it is very possible that they lacked the sophisticated equipment needed to carry out such a surgical procedure.

However, there have also been quite a number of speculations on whether the story was even true in the first place as no concrete evidence of Edward’s existence has ever been found. On the other hand, there have been recent occurrences of abnormal births very similar to Edward Mordrake’s case which underlines the possibility of the existence. Read on to know more about the curious case of Edward Mordrake’s two-face story.

Who Was Edward Mordrake, The Man With Two Faces?

Edward Mordake is known to have existed sometime in the 19th century. Legend has it that he came from a well-respected British family and he was, in fact, their heir. However, a rare facial feature plagued this nobleman. He reportedly had two faces – a normal face and one at the back of his head which the young man referred to as his ‘devil twin’. The second face has been described as that of a female that had a drooling mouth and a set of eyes.  This was far from Edward’s main face which has been described as graceful and charming. More so, the second face does not eat nor talk but the young man often complains that it mutters things in his head even when he was asleep. It also gives sinister expressions whenever Edward Mordrake was joyful and when he is sad, the ‘devil twin’ will be smiling.

Life became quite unbearable for the young man and records have it that he requested on several occasions for doctors to get rid of the ‘devil twin’. However, that never happened and by the time he turned 23 years old, he took his own life, leaving behind strict orders for the face to be removed before he was buried as he wanted to find rest in his grave.

How True Is The Curious Case of Edward Mordrake’s Faces?

It still remains a highly debated topic about the existence of such a mutated man like Edward Mordrake. Although his story is believed to have been extracted from what was referred to as “Royal Scientific Society” according to Charles Lotin Hildreth, a writer, it is yet to be ascertained whether such an organization even existed. However, in spite of the doubts that surround this story that has been handed down from generation to generation, a medical abnormality called “Craniofacial duplication” is believed to cause such a deformity or abnormal cell mutation in embryos. This case is so serious that infants born with such a condition do not usually live very long. Edward’s case, on the other hand, was different as he lived with his second face for a while which makes his story very questionable.

In recent times though, there have been a couple of strange facial features too that can be likened to Edward Mordrake’s case. This includes that of Lali Singh who was born with what looks like two faces in 2008. The little girl was, however, not taken for medical treatments, she was rather worshiped in her village as they believed she represented the re-birth of Durga, a Hindu goddess with numerous limbs. Upon her death, a few months after her birth, a temple was built to honor her memory.

There was also a case of a man named Chang Tzu Ping born in China towards the end of the 70s or early in the 80s. His second face had a mouth, a distorted tongue, a couple of teeth, as well as other facial features. Chang’s second face did not move on its own but it was dependent on the movement of his main face. He was eventually taken to America for a face surgery and he became the main theme on the TV show That’s Incredible. However, after the success of his surgery, no further news was heard of Chang. This also made viewers question the authenticity of the show just like the tale of Edward Mordrake.

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