The Real Reason Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid Divorced, Was There an Affair?

Nine years! That is all the time the marriage between Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid lasted. Meg Ryan is a professional alias for veteran movie producer and actress Margaret Mary Emily. Meg was born in Fairfield Connecticut in the United States of America on November 19, 1961. Some of her notable films which brought her to limelight include Top Gun, French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally amongst many others which became an instant hit in the box office.

It was also gathered that the American actress’s parents, Susan Jordan and Harry Hyra, were both teachers and devout Catholics. Ryan is of Irish, German and Polish ethnicities. The talented producer and her siblings, Annie, Dana, and Andrew had to go through quite a hard time after their parents divorced in 1976. However, Meg’s life was once again filled with love when she married fellow American actor and her sweetheart Dennis Quaid. The ceremony happened on February 14, 1991.

Quaid, a graduate of the University of Houston, was born in Houston in the state of Texas on April 9, 1954. The award-winning actor and director have a large number of films to his credit. Some of which include The Big Easy, The Parent Trap, The Rookie, Vantage Point, The Day After Tomorrow and the most recent being The Intruder. The veteran actor prior to marrying Meg Ryan had been married previously to Pamela Jayne Soles, who was also an actress. He and the actress were tied in holy matrimony on November 25, 1978. However, a few years later, the union between Pamela and Dennis ultimately dissolved following some differences.

Not up to 9 years after his divorce with Soles, the Texas-born actor married Meg Ryan. The duo met on the set of Innerspace in 1987 and began dating a year later and finally tied the knot in 1991. In just a little over a year, the marriage was blessed with a son, Jack Henry Quaid who was born precisely on April 24, 1992. However, in 2000, a lot of water began to pass under the bridge and Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid started experiencing some strains in their marriage which led to then separating for a while.

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid eventually separated in May 2000  but the pair allowed few weeks to pass before publicly announcing it in June. A year after their separation, the big news came, announcing their official and final divorce. Now, this happened on the 16th of July 2001. Their son, Jack Quaid wasn’t up to 10 years at the time.

Different speculations and rumors have come up as being the reason for the untimely death of the promising marriage between Meg and Quaid. Many attributed it to irreconcilable differences while some others tied it to the most popular reason which would be that one of them was involved in an affair. Read on as we try to uncover the real reason behind the separation and divorce of the veteran movie stars.

The Real Reason Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid Divorced, Was There an Affair?

We tried to find out the root cause of the divorce between Meg and Quaid which led to the discovery of the fact that Meg had an open relationship with popular actor while she was still married. However, she has claimed countless times that Crowe was not responsible for her marriage woes. She went on to blame her husband citing infidelity and unfaithfulness which according to her were very disheartening.

On the other hand, the Texas-born actor in an interview told his side of the story and how he had to relive the experiences of the divorce and the implications on his son. Dennis Quaid cited the root cause of the disagreements and misunderstanding as simply the resultant effect of fame. Quaid stated that during the time his career took a downward dive that he had to struggle to cope with the huge popularity and fame his wife received at the time. He claimed that watching the attention shift from him to his wife was not easy at all. Well, call it ego or pride, it is not quite as easy as you think. For the actor, this took a toll on his home and the result was eventually a shattered home.

Moreso, several other reasons came up but these two made the most sense. Invariably we know that there was an affair between Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan but the alleged infidelity of Quaid has still not be proven up till now. Dennis Quaid moved on to marry Kimberly Buffington in 2004 and this marriage like the others he has been in hit the rocks in 2012. On the part of Meg, she has been in and out of many relationships but later settled to being a single mother catering for her son and daughter whom she adopted.

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