Tim Cook Biography And Net Worth, Is He Gay, Who Is The Partner, Husband Or Boyfriend?

The name Tim Cook might not ring a bell to the average smartphone user. Very often it is that of Steve Jobs that pops up whenever U.S largest multinational tech company Apple Inc is mentioned. Cook has, however, been the CEO of Apple Inc even before Jobs’ demise but apparently, the popularity of his predecessor precedes his because of the reserved lifestyle he lives.

The tech guru joined Apple Inc in March 1998 and from that time, he has climbed the corporate ladder leading to his present position as the company’s CEO. He began with the company as senior vice president for worldwide operations, served as the executive vice president before he was made the company’s Chief Executive in 2011 before Steve’s death.

 Tim Cook – Biography

Tim Cook was born on November 1, 1960, to Donald and Geraldine Cook. His dad worked as a shipyard worker and his mom worked at a pharmacy. Tim was raised along with his two brothers (Gerald and Michael) at Robertsdale in Alabama, United States.

After graduating from Robertsdale High School, he proceeded to Auburn University where he bagged a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1982. He also bagged an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 1988. Much later after he had achieved plenty in life, he would return to his alma mater as a member of the board of trustee.

For twelve years after his graduation from Auburn University, Tim Cook served as director of North American fulfillment at IBM’s Personal Computer. He was later made the Chief Operating Officer in the computer reseller division of Intelligent Electronics. He also worked at Compaq, where he was the Vice President for Corporate Materials for a period of six months.

Later on in his career, he received a call from Apple Inc to come work for the company. He willingly joined the company in 1998 and was made the Senior Vice President for worldwide operations. He was later promoted to lead operations in 2007.

Tim and Jobs became so close that when Steve went on medical leaves, Cook would step in for him as the Chief Executive Officer. Later on, Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple Inc. and Cook was made the substantial CEO of Apple Inc on August 24, 2011, a few weeks before Job lost his fight to pancreatic cancer.

Working with Apple gave Tim Cook the platform to advocate for the political reformation of international and domestic surveillance, American manufacturing, corporate taxation, cybersecurity, and environmental preservation. Over the years, he has received a substantial number of awards; he won the Financial Times Person of the Year award in 2014. The following year he got the Ripple of Change Award, Fortune Magazine’s World’s Greatest Leader Award, was an Alabama Academy of Honor Inductee and was given the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award.

Tim’s awards didn’t stop coming, in 2017, he was given the Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Glasgow. Also, the following year he won the Courage Against Hate Award from Anti-Defamation League.

Net Worth

Records have it that Tim Cook is currently worth $625.37 million accrued from his salary, shares and stock options in Apple. Asides from being Apple’s CEO, Cook is also on the board of directors for Nike where he has stock options reportedly worth $3.4 million. These and his other investments bring his net worth to the figure above. This figure will most likely increase as Apple’s status has now been elevated as a trillion-dollar valued company.

Is He Gay, Who Is The Partner, Husband Or Boyfriend?

Tim is simply known as a private man who for many years kept his private life from the media until rumors began making rounds that he is gay. In 2014, Cook came out openly as gay in an editorial for Bloomberg Business. He appreciates his sexuality and considers it among the greatest gifts God has given him.

He further revealed that he has always been open about his sexuality “for years” and that many people at Apple were aware. When asked what inspired him to publicly reveal his sexual orientation, he told S of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he felt he was valuing his privacy too far above what he could do for other people, so he wanted to tell everyone his truth.

After officially coming out as gay, everyone wanted to know who his partner was and he didn’t wait further to announce Benjamin Ling, an American Asian as his boyfriend at the time. The duo has since broken up and gone their separate ways. While Ling has moved on with his love life with another partner, Tim Cook seems to still be in search of a perfect partner.

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Other Facts

The CEO loves hiking, cycling and working out at the gym. He actually goes to a private gym even though Apple Inc has its own gym center. He does this just to avoid publicity.

Tim was told by his doctors in 1998 that he had multiple sclerosis but this turned out to be false. However, the effect of this news caused a remarkable turnaround in his life. He is known now for participating in fundraising to support people suffering from the disease.

He is also known for inspirational speeches. He has once said that he placed more emphasis on his intuition when making any life-changing decisions.

Tim Cook is well notable for his contributions in the Giving Pledge which is a Charity Organisation started by and

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