Who Are The Victims Of Larry Nassar, What Did He Actually Do?

Who Are The Victims Of Larry Nassar, What Did He Actually Do?

He was actually lauded as one of the must-see doctors among the best gymnasts of the United States but now, due to the emergence of the victims of Larry Nassar, the ex-physician will live the remaining part of his life locked up in prison. This comes after he was found guilty of sexually abusing young girls and minors.

For over 20 years, Larry abused his exalted position and resorted to abusing his female patients during treatment, and sometimes, he does it in the presence of their parents. Presently, he is out of a job, his medical license revoked and he is facing 40 to 175 years imprisonment. Stay with us to get a recount of the sexual molestations perpetrated by the pedophile doctor for over two decades.

Who Are The Victims Of Larry Nassar?

The list of underaged girls who suffered one form of abuse or the other at the hands of the doctor is inexhaustible. The majority of them were gymnasts but the list still extended to include girls from other areas like runners, rowers, as well as dancers. Others on his list of victims include soccer, softball, and volleyball players. There was also one who was a figure skater and another a swimmer and the list still continues.

Many of the gymnasts were Olympians who had bagged up to 18 medals. A couple of Olympic all-around champions, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles accused the doctor of sexual molestation. According to many of his victims, their coaches, parents, and friends found it difficult to believe them but as Larry’s hearing progressed, many more of his victims went public with their own accounts which painted the picture of a staggering pattern of molestation committed for more than 20 long years.

Who Are The Victims Of Larry Nassar, What Did He Actually Do?
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What Did Larry Actually Do?

Many victims of Larry Nassar who suffered one form of abuse or the other at the hands of the pedophile doctor alleged that he had the opportunity to abuse his victims from the “emotionally abusive environment” at the Béla and Márta Károlyi run national team training camps at Karolyi Ranch, very close to Huntsville, Texas. The doctor also put fear in them not to talk about it to anyone. According to Rachael Denhollander’s submission in court in May 2017, she had five doctor’s visits with him in 2000 when she was just 15 and suffered abuse on each visit.

McKayla Maroney – Olympic gold medalist took to #MeToo hashtag on Twitter to accuse Larry Nassar of repeated abuse from when she was aged 13 until 2016. Subsequently, she filed lawsuits against Larry, the United States Olympic Committee, Michigan State University, and USA Gymnastics.

Aly Raisman had a 60-minute interview where she leveled sexual abuse accusations on the ex-doctor, stating that she was just 15 when she experienced abuse at his hands. Another one of Larry’s incidents of abuse involved Gabby Douglas who suffered criticism at the hands of her fellow teammates for her tweets which were perceived as “victim-shaming” as well as a criticism of Raisman. According to her, the wrong crowd will get incited when people dress in a sexually provocative way. While rendering her apologies for the tweet, Douglas revealed that she had also suffered sexual abuse from the pedophile physician.

Maggie Nichols – and ex-national team member, also came up with a recount of how she became one of the victims of Larry Nassar. According to her submissions, the doctor tried to groom her through her Facebook account with several compliments. Maggie was able to file a case against Larry to USA Gymnastics officials on June 17, 2015, with the aid of her coach, Sarah Jantzi who overheard her discussing the doctor’s behavior with another teammate.

Shortly after, Simone Biles came up with her own accusations of sexual molestation against the abusive doctor. Even at Larry’s court sentencing, Jordyn Wieber came forward with recounts of the sexual abuse she had to pass through at the hands of the ex-physician while she was still active as a United States gymnast.

In November 2016, Larry was indicted on state charges of sexually abusing a minor from 1998 to 2005. The assaults allegedly started when the child was six. Eventually, the doctor received 22 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with minors: seven in Eaton County and fifteen in Ingham County. The assertions of the allegations were that the victims of Larry Nassar are up to seven underaged girls who he abused under the pretense of providing medical treatment at his residence, as well as his clinic which was located at MSU campus.

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