Weylie Hoang – Bio, Age, Salary, Net Worth, Facts About The YouTube Star

When it comes to fashion and make-up vlogging, Weylie Hoang doesn’t disappoint. One of the major reasons her name rings a bell, especially among teenage girls on YouTube is because she reaches out to a lot of them through her fashion and make-up videos. The YouTuber operates two channels – her personal channel and a joint channel she runs with her boyfriend.

Weylie embarked on her journey to greatness in the month of September 2007. She announced her presence on YouTube by pushing across a tutorial video for the viewing pleasure of her fans. Impressed by her contents, it was quite easy for her to become an internet celebrity.

Weylie Hoang Bio (Age)

The YouTuber was born in Oakland, California, on March 29th, 1993. Her childhood was characterized by turbulence and depression due to the type of family she was raised in. Her mom was abusive and would always engage in a fight with her dad every day. This gave rise to Weylie and her elder sister Winnie crying every day and getting bullied at school.

Owing to the messy environment she was raised, Hoang slipped into depression and even attempted to take her own life on several occasions. However, things changed and Weylie Hoang eventually decided to live her life to the fullest and become a voice for her generation, especially to those struggling with depression.

The YouTuber received her basic education in the United States. Despite her parents’ incessant squabble, the two did their best to put food on their table and also send their daughters to school.

Her Salary and Net worth

With over one million subscribers and an impressive number of videos under her belt, Weylie Hoang stands out as one of the most successful female YouTubers. Hoang earns substantially from uploading her personal contents online and creating smart ideas with her boyfriend on their joint channel. However, the exact figure she earns annually and the value of her assets are currently under review.

Other Facts About Weylie Hoang

1. Her Love Life

Being a very pretty and talented lady, its no surprise that Weylie has a lot of admirers, especially the male folks. And as an amazing sensation, she loves all her fans in return and does her best to carry them along online. However, she has a special place in her heart for only one man; his name is Wah.

Wah, as gathered, has been in a romantic relationship with this beautiful lady for a long time. The exact year the duo started seeing each other is not quite known, however, the two reportedly live in the same apartment.

Hoang and her boyfriend are not only lovers, but they also have a joint YouTube channel titled Wahlie TV. The channel, which was launched on the 20th day of May 2012, documents their everyday life stories and other interesting activities. It currently has 450 thousand subscribers.

2. Rise To Stardom

Weylie Hoang is the owner of the beauty, fashion, and makeup YouTube channel, ilikeweylie. She announced her presence on the platform on September 28, 2007, when she created the channel.

‘Pink/Orange eyes tutorial’ was the first video she created and subsequently uploaded for her fans. Her debut video was followed by another makeup tutorial she titled: ‘Black Smokey Eyes’. Overwhelmed by the positive reviews she received, Weylie began investing much of her time in making fashion and beauty videos and since then, her career has been on the upward side.

Currently, Hoang’s channel has close to 500 videos and more than 1.6 million subscribers. Some of her popular videos include ‘My Chronic Pain Story’, ‘How to Put On a Tampon’, ‘*FAIL* I Try to Speak Mandarin for a Day (my boyfriend can’t understand me)’, ‘WEYLIE Speaks Chinese’, and many others.

3. Online Presence

Weylie Hoang is a YouTube sensation and she equally has a lot of people following her on other social media platforms. She joined Twitter in the year 2012 and currently has more than 94 thousand followers while her Instagram page is being followed by 483 thousand people as of this writing.

4. Height

Weylie Hoang is not really a giant but she stands at a comfortable height that is ideal for ladies. The YouTuber is 5 feet 4 inches tall and possesses a modest weight that complements her frame.

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