Who is Megan Phelps-Roper, Is She Married, Who are Her Husband & Family Members?

The issue of religious sects with extreme belief systems is one that seems to have no end. They come in different forms and from different parts of the world but one similar feature they have is their extreme ways of carrying out their belief which was the pursuit of Megan Phelps-Roper whose family founded the Westboro Baptist Church.

Let’s fill you in on the details of this young lady’s life, her family belief, and her transformation.

Who Is Megan Phelps-Roper?

Megan Phelps-Roper whose birth date was given as January 31, 1986, in Topeka, Kansas, is an activist on social media whose major aim is to campaign against hatred between religious sects and political groups, and she seemed to be doing it well too. Not much is known about her early education, but she is known to have attended Washburn University and upon graduation, she proceeded to join her family’s business working in their law firm alongside handling duties in the Westboro Baptist Church.

Megan rose to be a prominent figure in WBC at a very early age and she was seen as the connecting thread between the church and the outside world as she was in charge of the church’s social media sites. Her group thrived on publicity and Megan Phelps-Roper was the ideal person to get this done as her free-spirited nature on social media where she discussed her beliefs, endeared her to a lot of followers. She also appeared alongside her family on the Howard Stern show to further promote’s the group’s ideology.

Her Twitter Experience

Serving as the spokeswoman for her church, Megan Phelps-Roger enjoyed her chats on Twitter where she aired her views freely, targeting people with the intent of telling them the truth which in the WBC way, is not sugar-coated. However, Megan’s life took a u-turn when she intentionally started chatting with the founder of the blog Jewlicious, David Abitbol in hopes of sharing her views as usual. As it was the nature of WBC members to hate Jews, Megan did not hide the fact from David. At first, David was said to have responded harshly to Megan but as time went by his tactic changed and he decided to take a calmer approach.

David posed numerous questions to Megan about the bible to which she had answers or would go seek the answers from her family members especially her mother but a question she could not answer was the one pertaining the death penalty for homosexuals. Megan realized then that if one is condemned immediately they sin then there will be no room for repentance nor forgiveness and God would definitely give anyone that wants such a chance the opportunity to change so who were they to condemn the whole world.

In 2012, Megan who had been harboring lots of doubt concerning the belief she was extremely radical about shocked everyone when she announced her departure from the church. This caused her to have a major rift with her family who decided to break all bonds with the young lady and her sister Grace, who also left with her; the two of them were disowned.

Megan Phelps-Roper’s Family & The WBC

Megan is the daughter of Brent Roper and Shirley Phelps-Roper whose father, Fred Phelps, founded the Westboro Baptist Church. As Fred Roper got older, he handed over the running of the church to Shirley who in turn delegated some major duties to her beloved daughter Megan who did not hesitate to handle such duties excellently as she had been raised and taught the doctrines of the sect from the tender age of 3.

As she grew to carry out her duties, the hate ideology preached by the WBC formed a strong impression on Megan especially as it concerned sin and how people got punished by God for their actions. The WBC totally abhors the homosexual movement and they believe that they are the only ones who interpret the bible correctly. For the WBC followers, God is not the ever-loving, always forgiving creator being preached by many religious groups especially Christians rather, they see Him as one who unleashes his wrath on all those who are sinners. They also believe that natural catastrophes like tornados and the likes are the consequences America is facing for condoning homosexuality.

Prior to her departure from the congregation, Megan was pivotal in spreading its message using social media platforms like Twitter where she had more than 7000 followers. In addition to that, she was often on Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz, a show that is popular in Kansas City. She was also at the forefront during their rallies with her favorite picket signs reading: “No Peace for the Wicked” and “God Hates Your Idols”.

Before her departure, Megan Phelps-Roger was a backbone in the church and was instrumental in the massive growth of its members. She worked harder at spreading the word than anyone ever did since its inception. Her mother once said in an interview that Megan is her ‘right-hand man’; someone she could rely on her to carry any task through. Shirley was deeply disappointed when her daughter left WBC and Megan even revealed that she had told her mother that she could always return if she wanted but that has not been the case for over 5 years now.

Is The Former WBC Member Married?

Megan Phelps-Roper is happily married to Fjeelland a guy whom she met on Twitter and developed a bond with. The pair met in person after she left the WBC and their wedding took place on August 15, 2016.

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