Who Is Zandy Reich? Age, Wiki, Height, Parents, Religion, Net Worth
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From his sports exploits to the current accomplishments he has recorded as a businessman, there is no doubt that Zandy Reich is as savvy as it gets. He has worked in several corporate organizations, taking up top positions and his current job is as the president of a big fashion brand, renowned for its seasonless apparel for women.

Despite the height he has attained in the business world, it’s his romantic entanglement with Lea Michele that fanned the embers of his celebrity status. Zandy now has prying eyes all over his personal life in the bid to find out more about the man who stole the heart of the Glee actress.

Who Is Zandy Reich? (Bio, Age, Religion)

Zandy Reich’s birth took place on the 24th of January, 1983 in Philadelphia. Being a private person by nature, not much is known about his childhood or the religion he identifies with. As a child, Zandy started showing interest in sports early, especially baseball. In sixth grade, one of his teachers who doubles as a professional indoor lacrosse coach for the Philadelphia team (The Wings), convinced him to try the sport and when he did, Zandy got hooked for life.

Subsequently, baseball was sidelined while lacrosse took center stage in his life at the time. He also played basketball and soccer in high school but his lacrosse records stood out and earned him recognition from the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College, with both wanting to bring him on board their rosters.

Apparently, his choice was the University of Pennsylvania where he spent the very productive next four years of his life. His leadership skills were sharpened during his college days as the tri-captain which further thought him teamwork spirit. He also earned the respect of younger people around him due to his special way of handling every situation.

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Zandy Reich graduated from college in 2005 with a degree in Finance and soon afterward, his two-year stint at Goldman-Sachs started. After serving as an associate in Goldman Sachs’s Equities Division, Zandy moved on to work for other establishments, including Renaissance Capital – an investment banking company, and later joined the fashion industry in 2011 as the head of business development in a clothing company, Theory.

He is currently the president of one of the major apparel companies in New York City and Los Angeles, known as All Year Round (AYR). As the name implies, the company focuses on seasonless essentials and everyday wear for women.

Net Worth

Zandy Reich has made fruitful efforts to keep his activities under the radar which makes it hard to confirm details like his net worth. However, his top position in the business world suggests he is worth a fortune. Several sources have his net worth pegged at $12 million while that of his wife sits at $10 million.

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Relationship And Marriage To Lea Michele

The picture-perfect couple used to be friends at first before they decided to steam things up. They began dating and went public sometime in 2017. After dating for two years, Zandy put a ring on Michele’s finger and she accepted with a yes. The proposal was a private affair that took place in April 2018 during a brief trip to the Hamptons. Since she is the only one who has a social media presence, Michele took to Instagram with a picture of the shiny rock on her finger to announce that she is officially off the market.

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Notably, Glee and Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy, who is like family to Michele, gave his approval to the relationship between Zandy Reich and Lea Michele. This apparently means a lot to Michele as Ryan has been her longtime collaborator and also officiated at their wedding which took place on March 9, 2019.

Who Are Zandy Reich’s Parents?

Nothing is known about the parents of Zandy Reich. He has never publicly spoken about them, including sharing their names or the profession they are involved in. Likewise, it is not known if he grew up as an only child of his parents as he has not talked about his siblings in public either.

Zandy Reich Height

For someone who is not interested in sharing his life on social media, it’s no surprise that Zandy Reich’s height has not made it out to the public. He, however, stands taller than Lea Michele whose height is listed as 1.5 m. Details about his other body measurements have not been made available either.