Who Played Nick and Travis In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ How Did They Die?

Who Played Nick and Travis In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ How Did They Die?

It is not surprising that a show like The Walking Dead, which has run for a very long time, has given rise to other related shows, notably Fear the Walking Dead and Talking Dead. While both shows have survived for as long as they have, the latter is not the center of this article, instead, we are going to be focusing on the former, which premiered in 2015. Anyone who is familiar with Fear the Walking Dead and has followed the show and others like it should know that death is not a scarce occurrence when it comes to the show. In this article, our main focus will be on the characters, Nick and Travis in Fear the Walking Dead.

The calamity that befell Nick and Travis’s family, the Clark-Manawa family, with regards to the duo’s deaths, is not something we like but it happened. Consequently, we will be talking about both of them, as well as the identities of the actors who played the roles and how their characters met their tragic end on the show.

Who Played Nick and Travis In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

The roles of Nick and Travis in Fear the Walking Dead were portrayed by Game of Thrones alum, Frank Dillane and New Zealand actor, Cliff Curtis respectively. Both Dillane and Curtis, along with Kim Dickens, who plays Madison Clark, and Alycia Debnam-Carey who portrays Alicia Clark, were the first set of actors to be cast for the show and they were announced to have been cast to portray their individual roles in December 2014.

Filming for the pilot episode of the show began in January 2015 and Curtis appeared in 21 episodes of the series, beginning with the pilot until his character died in 2017, in the opening scene of the third season. At the time he was still portraying Travis in Fear the Walking Dead, Curtis Cliff also took up the role of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in the 2016 Biblical drama film, Risen. He also appeared as himself on three episodes of Talking Dead, a live television talk show in which the host, Chris Hardwick, discusses Fear the Walking Dead and its parent show with cast, crew, celebrity guests, and fans.

Who Played Nick and Travis In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ How Did They Die?

Although Frank Dillane, who played the role of Nick on the show, started his acting career alongside his father, Stephen Dillane, as an extra at the age of six, his breakthrough came when he portrayed the 16-year-old version of Lord Voldermort in the sixth installment of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince (2009). His first major series since he played Shugs in 3 episodes of Sense8 is Fear the Walking Dead.

For 41 episodes, starting with the series’ pilot in 2015, Dillane portrayed Nick Carter, a son and a brother who, despite his personal fight with heroin addiction, has a selfless core. Sadly, he eventually meets his end in the third episode of the fourth season in 2018.

How Did Nick and Travis Die?

At the premiere of the third season, Travis is seen arriving in a helicopter with Alicia to join Madison and Nick who had arrived safely, however, their helicopter was given a rather hot welcome by cryptic gunmen who opened fire at them with bullets flying everywhere.

While Alicia was able to remain unharmed, Travis was not so lucky. The man took at least two bullets, one in the neck and the other in his midsection. Realizing his wounds were fatal before Alicia could, Travis made one last brave decision to throw himself out of the helicopter so Alicia does not have to make the difficult decision of putting down the closest person she had to a father. Next thing, Travis’ body is seen falling from the helicopter towards the rocky ground at a speed and height that guarantees enough damage to his brain to cause immediate death, but his body is not seen.

Nick, on the other hand, died in the hands of his sister, Strand, after he was shot in the chest by his former love interest, Charlie, who turned out to be a spy. Luciana tries to revive him to no avail.