Who Was Pamela Courson – Jim Morrison’s Wife, How Did She Die?

The name Pamela Courson will certainly not ring a bell until Jim Morrison, the deceased lead vocalist of the Doors is mentioned. Pamela came to the limelight as the soulmate of the American vocalist. The duo was a unique couple who shared an extraordinary relationship; they were crazily in love, according to our sources. Though their dalliance was fraught with infidelities, fights, and abuses, they would always find a way to solve their differences.

According to Morrison, Pamela Courson was his cosmic mate; he even had his self-published book dedicated to her. On her own part, Pamela was known as a bold and beautiful girl with an excellent sense of style, as well as adventure. She was known for wearing very daring outfits and was also creative with her appearance. Unfortunately, she died on the 24th of April in 1974 due to a heroin overdose.

Who Was Pamela Courson?

She was born in Weed California; her date of birth was on the 22nd of December 1946. Named Pamela Susan Curson, the beauty was the daughter of an ex-navy bombardier – Columbus “Corky” Courson who rose to the rank of a commander in the United States Naval Reserve. Pamela’s dad later worked as a high school principal in Villa Park California. On the other hand, her mum has been identified as Pearl “Penny” Courson – a homemaker, she was into interior design and known as a connoisseur of the arts. Pamela was brought up alongside one sibling – a sister named Judy.

A delve into her educational qualifications and institutions attended revealed that she achieved her early education at the Orange High School located in Orange, California. She continued her studies at Los Angeles City College but her course of study has never been published by any source. It was while she was in college that she met her soulmate Jim Morrison, the duo met in 1965 at the London Fog on the Sunset Strip. The attraction between them was strong and within a couple of years, they started co-habiting in the early 1967 and after one year of living together, they presented themselves at the Angeles City Hall to register what was purported to be their marriage license. Notwithstanding, their dalliance never culminated into marriage, though Pamela Courson took her boyfriend’s last name of Morrison later in their relationship.

The bond between them can only be described as turbulent, repeated infidelity and loud arguments was the bane of their union but they always found a way to kiss and make-up in the end because according to sources, only the two can stand up to each other. During the course of their tumultuous affair, they were always on the move, travelling together, they even had discussions on having kids in the future and Morrison presented Pamela with a fashion boutique he purchased with his royalty check from the album titled Strange Day.

According to Pamela Courson, she woke up on the 3rd of July 1971 to find her boyfriend dead in the bathtub of their Paris apartment. Cause of death was listed as heart failure but no autopsy was carried out on the corpse. Although Morrison and Pamela never got around to legalizing their relationship, Pam was named the sole heir in his will, she was to inherit his fortune but she had to battle against a lawsuit, contesting the inheritance for the next couple of years. According to the report at the time, Pam was completely devastated by Morrison’s death; she took to consoling herself with Sage – a golden retriever she had with him.

How Did Pamela Courson Die?

Pamela Courson died on the 24th of April 1974, her demise occurred at her apartment in LA which she was then sharing with a couple of her male friends. The cause of death was listed as heroin overdose and she died at the age of 27, exactly the same age her boyfriend died.

It was the intention of her parents that she be buried at Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris next to her late beau, the place was even listed on her death certificate as the place of burial but they had to change their plans as a result of the inherent legal complications on taking the corpse down to Paris. Her body was later interred at Fairhaven Memorial Park located in Santa Ana, CA, under the name “Pamela Susan Morrison 1946-1974”.

During her funeral, nobody came in black attire, songs like Orange Country Girl that Morrison composed with Pam in his mind was done by Ray Manzarek. Pamela’s parents later inherited Morrison’s entire wealth but Morrison’s parents Clara and George Morrison contested their executorship of the estate. It resulted in more legal battles which lasted till 1976 when both parties went into a mutual agreement to equally divide the proceeds from Morrison’s estate.

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