Alexandra Burke – Biography, Mum, Boyfriend or Husband and Net Worth

In the year 2008, on the fifth series of the British reality television series The X Factor, a star with an exception was among the many others who sought glory in the musical talent hunt competition. That star was and still is Alexandra Burke who later emerged the best and winner of the competition. Since coming to the limelight through the show, she has gone on to take her musical career to enviable heights, leaving no stone unturned in the process. Find out all that she has done below, including who we know her mom to be and whether or not she has a man in her life.

Alexandra Burke -Biography

Alexandra Burke (Alexandra Imelda Cecelia Ewen Burke) was born on the 25th of August 1988 in Islington, London, to David Burke and Melissa Bell as one of their 5 children. She has as her siblings – Sheneice, David Jr, Aaron, and Jahzeel. Growing up, she had the responsibility of always looking after her siblings as her mother who was a musician frequently toured with her band. In 1992, her parents broke up but kept to co-parenting their children till they got old enough to fend for themselves.

As a kid, Alexandra was already taking after her mother who was doing well in her music career at the time. She began singing at the age 5 and went on to have her biggest stage performance in Bahrain when she accompanied her mother with her “Soul II Soul” band as a 9-year-old girl. Three years later, the would-be X Factor star made history as the youngest person to compete in Star for a Night, a television talent show where she emerged the second runner-up to .

Seeing that Alexandra Burke had so much passion for music, her mother began paving the way for her by establishing contact between her and Steve Wonder, and Jean Carne who without hesitation, had her perform with her on stage, a night after hearing her sing.

As she finished off from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School where she sat for her Certificate of Secondary Education, Alexandra set off to pursue her music career in earnest, singing at popular nightclubs as well as with “Young Voices,” a charity that raises money for children suffering from leukemia.

She took the first step that would lead to her stardom in 2005 when she auditioned for The X Factor series. After making it through to the final 7 of her category, Louis Walsh, an Irish entertainer and now former judge of the show didn’t pick Alexandra Burker for the final 4 for the reason of her being too young. Nevertheless, being dogged and resilient, Alexandra auditioned again for the talent show in 2008 and this time around, she impressed Judge Cheryl Cole who chose her for the live show.

Alexandra Burke went on to win the contest with 58% of the total 8 million votes cast for the last contestants. As the winner, she signed a recording deal with Syco, a Sony Music Entertainment co-owned music label. The deal was worth £1 million and in February 2009, she signed a five-album US record deal with Epic Records worth £3.5 million. She then released her first album titled Overcome in that same year, followed by her second album Heartbreak on Hold (2012) and The Truth Is (2018).

Net Worth

She has certainly seen good times in her music career with bigger and better things to come in the future. So far, Alexandra Burke has a net worth of about $8 million or £6.3 million.

Family: Mum, Boyfriend or Husband

The 2008 X Factor star was born to Melissa Bell (5 March 1964 – 28 August 2017) a renowned soul and R&B singer who sang with the band “Soul II Soul.” She schooled at Southwark College in London Borough of Southwark before working as a customer service representative for Marks and Spencer (1982-1991). Bell is noted for musical works like Walk on the Wild Side (1991), Mixed Up (1997), Into My World (2000) and Innocent Till Proven Guilt (2009). She died in 2007 after a protracted battle with kidney failure.

Alexandra Burke’s heart has long been taken, she began dating Josh Ginnelly in April 2016 and the two remained close, leading to their engagement earlier in 2018. However, before Josh, the reality television star had dated football star Jermaine Defoe (in 2012) who later cheated on her with model Laura Brown. Football goalkeeper Dominique Jean-Zephirin became her next love interest for one year before a certain Louis from Channel 4’s First Dates was rumored to be her partner.

All these other men never stayed long enough to pop the question of “will you marry me” to her, but Josh Ginelly did on December 18, 2017, in Paris and she said yes. They are, however, yet to get married but will certainly do when the time is right for them.

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