How Old Is Prince Charles And What Is His Net Worth In 2021?

The British Royals are arguably the most famous family on earth and as a result, they get a lot of coverage in the press as literally every aspect of their lives is deemed newsworthy. However, there are some family members who get less press time than others. Prince Charles is one good example. Although he is next in line to the throne, people hardly pay attention to him as expected and most probably have no idea about Prince Charles’ age. While he’s not exactly anybody’s favorite royal, he is still a very important member of the royal family.

Ever since the fiasco and his affair with Camilla, Prince Charles’ popularity has waned even further. In addition, the heir apparent has written books, letters to government ministers, and given speeches which have been met with unfavorable reception amongst the general public. His political opinions are far from predictable and have managed to annoy people on numerous occasions. Notwithstanding, here is the inside scoop on Prince Charles’ age, his net worth, and what he does with his time.

Prince Charles’ Age, How Old Is He?

Prince Charles of Wales was born on November 14, 1948. By the end of 2021, he will turn 73. He became the heir apparent to the throne when he was just three years old, but there were doubts about his fitness to take on the demands of his future role. It was reported that as a child, Prince Charles was prone to sinus infections and tears. He was bad at sports, hated riding lessons due to his fear of horses, and full of despair when he went off to boarding school.

During his time in the Royal Navy and at Cambridge University, rules and standards were adjusted discreetly to accommodate him. All this was deemed not promising for a future king of England. Thanks to Prince Charles’ age, he holds the record for being the longest-serving heir apparent since the throne was established. He set the record in April 2011 after he broke the one held by King Edward VII, his great-great-grandfather who was heir-apparent for 59 years, two months, and 13 days. When Prince Charles becomes King, he will be the oldest to do so.

What Is His Net Worth in 2021?

Coming from one of the wealthiest families in the world, it is no surprise that Prince Charles has a net worth that runs into millions. As of 2021, it is estimated that he commands a net worth of $400 million.

Where Does His Money Come From?

So, how does Prince Charles make his money? Unlike his mother, the reigning monarch, he does not enjoy multiple streams of revenue. His main source of income stems from The Duchy of Cornwall.

This duchy was set up by Edward II in 1337 to serve as a source of personal income for the Prince of Wales, that is the firstborn sons in line to the throne. It consists of 131,000 acres of land spread across 23 counties with the asset portfolio ranging from developmental to rental and commercial properties. Whatever revenue the Duchy of Cornwall makes annually goes to Prince Charles. However, he cannot touch it’s capital value as that doesn’t belong to him.

In recent years, the Duchy of Cornwall has been bringing in upwards of $20 million for Prince Charles, which he has used to fund his lifestyle and that of his children and their families. Once he becomes king, the duchy will go to Prince William, and Prince Charles will begin earning personal income from the Duchy of Lancaster as the ruler of the kingdom.

Does He Pay Taxes?

Much like everyone else in Britain, Prince Charles pays taxes on the income he earns. As tradition demands, he voluntarily remits 20% of his income value.

What Prince Charles Does With His Money and Time

Due to Prince Charles’ age, there are fewer activities he can engage in. However, he still keeps himself busy while he is waiting to ascend the throne. He serves as the patron of hundreds of charitable organizations and also spends his time performing his many royal duties at home and abroad. In addition to traveling around the world, Prince Charles dedicates some of his time to writing, lobbying politicians, and painting. One thing is for sure, he has enough money to keep occupying himself while he waits for his turn on the British throne.

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